Keren Parmley is a Northern artist and printmaker known for her vibrant art prints and paper goods.

Her passion for printmaking blossomed during her Fine Art studies at university, where she spent countless hours in the print room, experimenting with various techniques. Keren's creative journey extended beyond printmaking; she ran a multi-arts venue for six years, producing mixed media works that included filmmaking, light and sound installations, and collaborative projects with musicians and DJs, all of which were showcased in gallery exhibitions. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Keren returned to printmaking as a way to continue her artistic pursuits from home.

Initially selling her designs to family and friends, Keren's work quickly gained momentum, leading to increased online sales. Her collaboration with East End Prints has seen her art featured in an array of independent shops and major retailers. This year, Keren exhibited her work at the UK's premier gift and home trade show, Top Drawer, further expanding her wholesale clientele.

Keren draws inspiration from her everyday surroundings, including fashion, popular culture, music, and interior design, coupled with a lifelong obsession with Pop Art. Her simple yet bold designs reflect her love of colour and pattern, employing traditional media techniques such as painting, ink, and print. The result is a collection of colourful and playful prints that adorn homes across the UK and beyond.